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StarSyn > Cybersecurity

StarSyn > Cybersecurity

don't trust just anybody.

Incident response 24/7/365

  • After consultation with StarSyn, your business will be provided a 24/7/365 number to dial for StarSyn Incident Response Team assistance.

  • StarSyn has developed proprietary plans to act swiftly and effectively to remediate the incident faster than other service providers.

Every Incident is unique. Please contact us for a consultation on how we can plan for, and provide incident response to your organization.


defensive and Offensive Cyber

  • Following a proprietary blend of frameworks, tools, and methods, StarSyn keeps the rare ability to penetrate private and enterprise-level networks and perform operations for private and public sector clients.

  • Included in StarSyn's Operations packages are constant meetings and communications with stakeholders, research, planning and preparation, and successful expert execution.

  • This is no small task and we ensure our customers won't be let down by the results.

  • Please contact us to learn more, and help us meet your organizational needs.


  • StarSyn is proud to provide expert witness and litigation services to be on your side should legal action be taken against someone regarding your organization's Information Systems.

  • Other types of Forensics include, but are not limited to:
    Data Breach investigations.
    Digital investigations.
    Compromise assessments (Scope determination).
    Team member/Internal Threat misuse investigations.

  • Consultation is required before an organization can this service. This service is usually provided to StarSyn Managed IT clients, however, some organizations may be exempt.


  • For a flat rate, StarSyn will provide expert-level consulting services in Communications and Information Technology in regards to the private, and public, sectors.

  • StarSyn has subject matter experts in Physical Security, Cyber Security, Systems Administration for Unix and Windows Systems, Network Engineering and Administration, IT and Cyber Policy for public and private sectors.

  • StarSyn has cleared, certified experts ready to consult and provide services to federal organizations.

contact us for free quotes.

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