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Who We Are

StarSyn is owned and operated by a group of certified professionals in cybersecurity, information technology, and physical security. With experience in both serving in our military and servicing our military infrastructure, our founders your organization can trust that StarSyn has your back.

Our founders are all located here in Santa Barbara County! StarSyn was birthed originally from seeing the need in our "own backyard" to bring the Central Coast up to date with the newest technologies. It is our firm belief that with the aid of our reputable firm, our cherished local businesses can thrive and grow! Since our employees and founders frequent theses businesses, we have a vested interest in ensuring in the success of your business in a secure, efficient, and ethical manner.


Our Mission

Our mission is to execute optimal IT strategies for your business, helping you maximize productivity, stay protected, reach farther, and shine brighter. While implementing an advanced IT system is typically well within reach for large businesses, most small and medium-sized businesses find it cost and time-prohibitive to purchase and maintain expensive equipment, keep software systems up and running, and manage security.


That’s where StarSyn comes in. We are a full-service IT and cybersecurity company dedicated to providing high-level, affordable (yes, really!) support to small- and medium-sized businesses on California’s Central Coast. We’ve confirmed time and time again that our modern, innovative IT solutions cost less than our competitors yet function better and produce bigger returns on investment.


We take the time to thoroughly understand your business so we can create a tailored plan that transforms your technology from a necessary evil to a competitive advantage. The results manifest as smoother business operations, more time to focus on your mission, improved business outcomes, and greater peace of mind.

We proudly serve small- and medium-sized businesses located on the Central Coast of California, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. If you’re ready to take IT off your to-do list, let’s chat!


Our team of seasoned IT and cybersecurity experts are ready and eager to help you streamline, optimize, and secure your business.

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